SAMEE: Sustainable Acts: Mother's Embrace



Art in dialogue & service to the environment & sustainability

sustainable acts

sustainable acts

SAMEE is an exhibition of art inspired by science and sustainability. The exhibition will take place October 2015 - January 2016

exhibition location

exhibition location

Join us at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment and Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library.



SAMEE is supported in part by a mini-grant from the University of Minnesota’s Institute On The Environment.

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SAMEE in collaboration with IonE and GATE. Green Art Together Evolving’s mission is to intensify the relationship between the arts and unfolding sustainable narrative.


The intersection of the arts and science shares common ground to discover ways to understand and advance ideas to sustain and preserve planet earth. Project Sustainable Acts: Mother Earth’s Embrace/SAMEE investigates and explores the importance of the artist in communicating concerns of organic and sustainable food production, climate change, population growth, social justice, water and pollution. Artists are the interpreters; they are the translators of complex scientific information. Art is a vehicle for igniting conversation that stimulates inner emotional human connections to inspire action.

Art raises questions, awareness, exposes inconsistencies, provokes interdisciplinary, transdicsiplinary and systems thinking and insists on collaboration and participation to unleash the senses to respond and dream beyond everyday reality -- and to make a difference.

Sustainable and collaborative efforts in communities transformed by aesthetic interests in the arts can potentially advance solutions of everyday critical issues, encourage equitable uses of resources, and link environmental issues with socially responsible behavior.

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SAMEE is supported in part by a grant from the University of Minnesota’s Institute On The Environment.

ARTISTS & SCIENTISTS: To receive a call to artists and scientists for the 2015-16 SAMEE Exhibition, or to participate in SAMEE workshops and/or conversations email:

Roslye Ultan:

Tanya Gravening:

CITIZENS: To receive schedules and information for the 2015-16 series of conversations and workshops email Tanya Gravening at

TO SUPPORT SAMEE events and exhibition send contributions to our fiscal sponsor at:

Springboard for the Arts (attn: GATE)

308 Prince Street, Suite 270
St. Paul, MN 55101